Our Couple Memberships


Our couple memberships are perfect if you are planning to discover the secrets of dance together. These memberships are designed for the convenience of 2 individuals combined under 1 membership. Whether you are looking to pick up a fun activity with your significant other, or you just met and would like to learn more about each other while having a great time, these memberships are your perfect choice.



Ideal for those who are focused on group classes (dance & fitness) and want to have fun while socializing with others at the weekly social parties. Led by our dedicated team of instructors, the classes you will attend will have you on your feet in no time. Many of our dancers love taking group classes, as it gives them the opportunity to learn some new movements and easily showcase their talent.

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Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this membership is what you are looking for. It offers the perfect combination of group classes (dance & fitness), private lessons, social parties and practice time. In addition to our group classes, our private lessons will give you full attention and what matters most to you. You choose what dance you would like to learn and our instructors will respect that wish.

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Private Lesson Package

Private Lessons are a great way to accelerate your learning, master the details that make great dancers, and get the individual attention and immediate feedback from a dedicated instructor. This membership is a favorite among our students who have extremely busy schedules as this membership is tailored around one's individual life. Our amazing instructors will help you achieve your highest dance goals.