Erick- Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Ballroom dancer

“ Natalia has accelerated my dancing like no other teacher has in the past. Having an instructor of such high standards, character, and dance knowledge in the Capital District is a blessing. She has a system, and it works. She is also very pleasant to be around.”

Chenthu & Audrey - Newlyweds!

"Natalia choreographed and trained us over the course of 5 months from January to May! I think it's important to note that while Audrey is a graceful dancer I dance like I have two left feet and one is shorter than the other. Natalia was patient with us (more me) while showcasing Audrey's natural grace. And once she felt like we had the basics down she pushed us to embellish our performance and worked with us on the finer points. When we were done we had a standing ovation and it really felt like we could do anything from there!

Thank you so much Natalia for making our night that much more special!" 

Evelyn- Floral designer, Ballroom dancer

" For the past year Natalia and Florin have been my dance coaches.  And, because they have such kind and wonderful personalities, they have also become my friends. To study under them is not only enjoyable, but also immensely rewarding. They’re amazing dancers and have a way of coaching that is tailored to their student’s needs.  They’ve helped me take my dancing to a whole new level, and for that I am tremendously grateful."

Sue- Retired, Ballroom dancer

“ My husband and I love taking dance lessons with Natalia. Her instructions are clear, direct, and precise, and she is equally adept at being a leader or a follower. Natalia is positive, encouraging, has a sense of humor, and always remains professional. She has a systematic and organized approach to teaching that allows us to quickly improve our dancing while still having fun.”

Steve- Administrator, Father-Daughter wedding dance

" Natalia is awesome. I am a confirmed non dancer and after 45 minutes she had me doing two dance moves like a pro. She builds confidence in her students that develops trust that leads to success for the student and the teacher. I am taking lessons with my daughter to have a memorable father daughter dance at her wedding next month. Through her teaching, Natalia has made sure the dance will last in our memories forever. I've even spoken to Natalia about continuing instruction after the wedding simply because it is such a great workout. I recommend Natalia without reservation."

Frank & Ceci, Parents Surprise wedding dance

" Natalia has been teaching us a special dance for our daughter's upcoming wedding. We came to her with absolutely zero dance experience and we are gaining more and more confidence after each lesson.  Her knowledge is exceptional and her patience is infinite. We adore her!"

Ann- Retired, Ballroom Dancer

" In addition to their fantastic dancing talent, Florin and Natalia are amazing teachers! They practically burst with energy and enthusiasm and they do not waste a second of your time. They really know how to bring out the best in their students! They have high expectations, and have carefully selected top quality instructors to augment their studio team. We are so lucky that such treasures have come to our area!"

Eric- Software Engineer, Ballroom Dancer

"You would be hard pressed to find more high quality instruction than at Dance Fire Studio. If you want to compete, they can bring you to the top, and if you are just interested in learning to dance, you can rest assured you are getting the instruction to look and feel your best."