Private Fitness Sessions with Laura Mastrianni

About Laura:


Laura Mastrianni, Bachelor’s in Science, Corporate Fitness & Wellness

 Promoting wellness and inspiring others to reach their best! Laura Mastrianni moved to Niskayuna 17 years ago. Originally from the Jersey Shore a standout in field hockey and soccer, she studied corporate fitness & wellness at the College of New Jersey and then moved to Washington, D.C. to work full-time as a fitness professional. Helping adults reach their fitness goals, whether beginners, recovering from injuries, seasoned athletes, or those with serious medical conditions, Laura has always shown great compassion, guidance and even some tough-love when needed, gearing fitness programs towards the individual and his/her needs.

 After moving to Niskayuna, with young children, Laura focused on her family while volunteering as a part-time coach for sports teams as well as instructing children’s classes for seven years. Fast forward, Laura’s children are young adults and she is happily re-married and working in Albany full-time for the Food Industry Alliance of NYS as Office Manager & Executive Assistant.



#1 Total Transformation

Training session includes full body workout building strength and endurance with a focus on a weight loss nutritional program.

#2 Event Training Specific

Training session is designed specific to a goal or event. Couch to 5K, train for a 10K, training for a sport (golf, soccer, lacrosse, etc)

#3 Bridal Beauty

Are you ready for the big day? Train in the months before your wedding day to be in the best shape of your life. 

#4 Getting Back

From rehab to your life even better. Injured or post surgical with doctor's recommendations to a healthier you.


Personal Fitness Classes: 55 minutes

  • Warm-up 5 minutes, training period 40 minutes, cool-down and active stretch 5 and relaxation/shoulder massage 5 minutes.

All personal fitness programs include a complimentary 15 minute fitness assessment and re-assessment quarterly.

Fitness assessment includes the following: medical questionnaire, resting heart rate and blood pressure measurement, circumference measurements, body composition measurements and flexibility measurement.